excavator Undercarriages

KTSU Parts for Excavator Undercarriages

KTSU America manufactures durable undercarriage rollers, idlers, sprockets and track chains for excavators ranging from 12 ton to 300 tons. Excavator undercarriages can take a lot of stress due to extremely rugged environments and the nature of excavation work. Our parts are designed to take this stress and more, extending the life of the undercarriage and likewise the machine itself.

We manufacture all of our excavator undercarriage components, lowering maintenance costs without sacrificing quality. Advanced CAD and CAM technology during the research and development stages help us design products with superior strength and hardness. We utilize quality control measures during production such as magnetic crack detection to ensure that all KTSU parts leaving our factory are indeed built to last.

Experience the strength and endurance of a KTSU undercarriage for your excavator and you will understand that on the jobsite, ”KTSU DELIVERS!” We are your undercarriage partner.

Honesty, Respect and Integrity

These are the fundamental elements of my promise to you. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your supply chain. You are important and the only reason we exist.

At KTSU America, “Our work is not done until YOUR customer is satisfied.”

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