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KTSU Parts for Carrier Crawlers

Carrier Crawler models have become a fixture on the often remote job sites of the pipeline, drilling, environmental, and mining industries over the past 15 years. And why not? Whether hauling people or hauling rock, these machines are versatile. With travel speeds upwards of 8.5mph and maximum weight loads pushing 35,000lbs the KTSU manufactured components has proven successful.

Our Carrier Crawler offering consists of sprockets, segment groups, rollers, idlers and rubber tracks. Our R&D teams have invested countless hours on designing undercarriage components with precision in mind. Example: Our Carrier Crawler rollers are fine machined with polished shafts which reduce friction between the shaft and roller. This allows the mammoth dumper to operate at high speeds and heavy loads without rotational failures.

Carrier Crawlers have the largest rubber tracks in the construction industry capable of distributing 35,000lbs into 5.1 lbs per square inch. The internal steel cords of our tracks play a key role in this vital distribution of weight via our “annular cord design”. Here our tracks ‘cord package’ ensures the continuous transmission of stress distribution and uniform strength throughout the track. Again, our emphasis on quality and consistency prevents your Carrier Crawler from experiencing unwanted downtime.

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